Price Guide

Groom,wash and condition

This service ensures that your dogs coat is kept in tip top condition. Using our special grooming tools, dead skin and hair cells are removed, allowing the skin to breath. Next a thorough ear check and clean, followed by a nail clip, if required.

Your dog will then receive a bath using all hypoallergenic shampoos and a gentle conditioning finish, infused with plant extracts to ensure a healthy coat and skin.

The drying process is carried out using a hand held turbo dryer, leaving your dog clean and glossy.

Finally your pet will receive an invigorating massage using our unique dog cologne which contains nine essential oils, leaving your dog smelling super fresh!

Short Haired Dogs

£23 Dachsund, Chichuaha,Pug,Jack russell

£25 Staffy, Bulldog, Whippet,Sharpie

£30 Doberman, Weimeraner, Greyhound,Boxer,Dalmation

£33 Bull Mastiff, Rottweiller,Labrador,Bull Mastiff,Collie[short haired]

Long and Medium Haired Dogs

£36 Border collie

£40 Retriever

£42 Rough Collie

£45 German Shepherd

£65 St Bernard,Pyreneans

Dial a Dog Wash Leamington and Warwick: Mobile Dog Groomers Dial a Dog Wash Leamington and Warwick: Mobile Dog Groomers

Clipping, Scissoring, Bath and Dry

£32 Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russell

£35 Border Terrier, Cairn, Patterdale,Westie,Shitzu,Llasa Apso,King Charles,Miniature Schnauzer

£40 Cocker Spanier, Springer Spaniel, Toy poodle, Bichon, Tibetan Terrier,Cocker Poo

£50 Standard Poodle, Giant Snauzer,

£50 Bearded Collie,Airedale

£48-£55 Laradoodle

£65 Old English

If you can't see your own dog's breed listed above, please call for an estimate.